Back On The Grid

I spent a week offline and it was lovely. I spent the weekend recovering and reverting back to my on-grid ways. The workweek is here and it’s painting a picture of a future I am not interested in. At the same time, the few things I left stewing look more appetizing than ever. I am Back On The Grid


I have been designing and developing websites for around two decades. I started building sites on Geocities/Homestead and eventually ended up having my own web server that hosted all of my web projects. It was fun to create for myself, share with others, and participate in various web communities. It was fun to learn and Websites

Not Feeling It

After a delightful dinner, I saw that it was about the time to do my drawing stream. I had zero desire to stream or draw and had the “Why are you even doing this?” voice at a very loud volume. It’s hard to counter the “Why” when there is no real reason other than this Not Feeling It


This time last year I was on my third #100dayproject and I’ve missed the challenge it gave me. Finding a thing to do 100 times without getting bored or demotivated forces you to reach corners of your brain you’d never think you’d go. It also creates new pathways to these areas to get there faster. V I D E O


I’ve used my floor or dining table as a backdrop for my drawings. The flooring in my house is a mix of oak and douglas fir depending on the room and I love it. The dining table is a second hand table with a bunch of stains from years of use. I mostly draw at Backdrops